What Women “Expect”

How many times have you been in a club or bar with your friends and you saw a beautiful girl you wanted to approach and start a conversation, but you didn’t know what to say or you had no confidence to approach?

Most of the male population have to drink enough alcohol to get confidence to approach a woman sitting 3 meters away. It’s one big enigma of our society. Girls spend hours making themselves looking hot; they go out to have fun and to meet some guys. And then the guys fail to do their job.

Women EXPECT to be approached!

Their role in seduction is very passive. Very few girls will actually come up to you and start conversation. It’s simply not their role. Sometimes they will give you eye contact as an approach invitation, but most times they’ll just be waiting for something to happen.

But women usually get approached by drunk guys, after a while they come to expect this too!

Hot girls get pissed off with drunk men approaching them in a club. All they want is to meet normal, cool and interesting guys, but all they get are drunken guys hitting on them. The hotter she is, the more drunk the guy has to be to get confidence. It’s sad! Because of it you can understand their rudeness and “bitch shields” as well, it’s simply a protection from those guys. It’s just a filter that they use to separate drunk, weak guys from real men.

Because it’s so complex, and so many unpredictable things can happen in the moment, approaching hot girls in club is an art in itself. It’s something you have to learn. No one is born with the skill of approaching strangers. It’s a skill to be mastered same as a riding a bike or walking. If you cannot approach and strike up a conversation with people around you, you miss out on meeting lots of interesting people and lots of hot girls, who are there to meet YOU.

Clubs and bars are amongst the best places to learn how to approach girls and group of girls, for several reasons. It’s the toughest environment ever – loud music, a mass of people, disco lights, and alcohol. If you can master art of approaching in that chaotic environment, anything else is a piece of cake.

Rejections will happen, they are part of the seduction process. Even the best get rejected; it’s important to realise that even the most successful seducers can’t control every factor of the game. Understanding that is one of the keys to your success. But, what you can do is rely on your skills to control those situations.

Nice guys never take risks. They don’t like being in a risky situation and because of that they will never get hot girls.

If you don’t Risk, you cannot WIN!

Once you learn the skills of seduction, and you learn what to say and when, you will realize how easy that first step of approaching is.


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