Thank #@#! I’m A Man

This simple little reframe is a nice mantra to stick to, especially in a club or bar. As you look around at the guys doing their best to be wallflowers (there’s always some, often there’s a lot) and at the women with their sexiness cranked up all the way to the nineties, repeat to yourself “Thank #@#! I’m a man”, here’s why.

She’s done her job of looking as hot as her genetics, fashion sense, fitness and ability with a makeup brush will allow. They all want your attention, your interest. Some are open to hooking up that night, some aren’t. But all of those women have to WAIT FOR YOU to approach them!

So, Thank #@#! I’m a man, I can approach any woman I want! No waiting in line.


PS It might seem simple, but that little 5 word affirmation has kick-started many a night for me. Give it a try next time.

PPS Don’t be afraid of the reaction you get when you open a new girl. Like 60 Years of Challenge says, it can only be 1 of 3 responses. He prepares you for all eventualities in his Complete Game Seduction System.

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