Seduction Bullets

I’ve asked a lot of guys a lot of their challenges about seduction. And I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about what seduction means to them. Here are just a few bullet points of some of the main takeaways:

  • Everyone can build the skills that improve success with women.
  • The way you feel about yourself (your attraction, your frame) affects your success most.
  • Preparation isn’t essential, but preparing yourself before going out specifically to meet women can be a good thing (think as much about frame as you do about style).
  • Pay attention to the woman you’re interested in when talking to her, don’t get stuck in your own head.
  • Demonstrate authority in her world.
  • Be comfortable in your space.

There are obviously loads more. But, you know as much as these things make up seduction, the bullets serve more as a reminder, not lessons. They're magic seduction bullets to some once they get in your mind as ingrained habits. The little things handle themselves if you’re learning the bigger seduction picture from a good teacher.

I’ll just add another before I sign off.

  • Seduction is fun, laugh off the setbacks and enjoy the experience.

Now go seduce someone,


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