Pill Swallowing Routine Monkeys

Seems ever'body wants seduction routines.

And that's just fine by me…

As long as they be educated on what the real purpose of routines is.

Cos nothing is more certain to blow a guy's chances than spouting someone else's material with no understanding of the whys and what fors to make it work.

Let me give you an example of what I'm talkin about:

Long while back I became aware that I had a gift. Not a useful gift, a pretty pointless one by all accounts.

I could spot pickup artists.

Used to be easy to recognize a pickup artist working a room. It was sticking to canned material that made them stand out. The way they moved, approached and delivered their “lines” made them stick out like a social robot at a human being convention.

Later, when I'd teach bootcamps I'd meet the same guys with routine books and memorized word-for-word stories.

Cos ever'body wants to know what to say.

I get that.

But the power isn't exactly in the script, it's in the principle (could be emotion, direction, theme, even a game).

Using routines isn't a problem, sticking to scripts is.

Nowadays, most guys get that.

So why the big hoohah then Ben?

Well it seems texting has emerged as the new realm of the magic pill scripted routine.

And, there aint nothing different about text that means abandoning seduction principles in favor of trusting scripts.

On the phone or on the bus, if you want to use routines the right way, start small.

Routines should have a purpose with a specific principle behind them.

Think about it, there's no need for 10 different ways to open… or even 2. They do the same thing.

More importantly, there's definitely no need for 10 different ways to escalate…

or a dozen different ways to introduce emotional themes.

One or two examples and you're good to go.

OK, that's all for today.

Ben T.

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