One of the best (and most neglected) places to meet women

Couple months back I talked about a hidden benefit of meeting women during the day to boost experience of initiating attraction.

Today, an obvious – but highly neglected – location to meet all the hot women a guy could want.

Over the years I've lived in big cities where a man couldn't turn around without bumping into a beautiful woman.

For now I'm living in a regular-ish sized city. And I've lived in plenty small towns too. Never have I been short of opportunities to meet amazing women.

I know where to go if I'm really stuck.

That place my friend is to the store.

I wasn't lying about it being obvious but underused. But consider ye this…

Every hot woman you meet at a bar has to shop.

And this… Rarely is anyone in a real rush browsing round a shop.

We all know how good bookstores are for meeting women, they have a relaxed vibe and chicks who love to read are partially pre-screened for smarts (unless she's in the New Age hocus pocus section).

But truth is…

From clothes to grocery stores, all are great places to meet women.

For a guy who wants to meet women, going to the store really is like shopping for chicks (and I used to hate shopping).

But the best thing – for me anyway – is not having to think about places to meet women, if you can meet them at the store it fits neatly into everyday life. And I'm all about making it easier to meet women.

Still love bars, clubs, beaches, wherever women are at. But I gotta shop too, so almost can't help meeting new cute women all the time.

I used to teach something called Build Your Own Bootcamp. It's a course to integrate seduction into your own lifestyle with 30-days of actions. Bringing attraction out in the “real” world is kinda the point… and getting women by integrating seduction into your routines is a big part of it.

I still think that seduction should be an every day thing, not just for weekends, bars and nightclubs. In fact as I get older I think it should always be part of your life in every area.


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