Let Me Explain Direct Game

This sums up direct game pretty damn well. Not surprising because this explanation of driect game comes from Badboy who was probably the pioneer of this style of seduction. Enjoy…

Here's Badboy's guide to direct game:

I’m tired of looking at those so-called gooroos and other new kids on the block teaching direct game. It’s sad to watch them man, because none of those guys truly understand what direct game really is.

See, you cannot approach girls with:

“You know what, I saw you from over there and I just had to come and say hi because you are so beautiful. And if I didn’t approach then I would kill myself.”

Sorry, but that is not direct game.

At its core direct has this message that you have to convey. And that message is: “I am choosing you!”. If you are not projecting that message it is not direct. You cannot be apologising for yourself with direct.

Direct game is more than an opener.

Most guys are teaching you to put a direct opener in-front then you just run the stupid cocky/funny, teasing, push-pull type of game. And that’s not comparable with what seduction really is.

So when you approach a girl, you want to convey that you are choosing her. You are dominant, powerful, confident, sexual man who likes her.

My point (Ben), in response to a question I got about this subject:

I'm sure the terms direct and indirect game don't really apply much anymore. It's all the same, with direct being part of all effective seduction strategy. That’s because anybody who knows anything about seduction knows that being direct about your intentions is powerful. And it’s the only way to build on a foundation of mutual, sexual chemistry.

Badboy’s been teaching this side of seduction for longer than anyone, and he knows it’s the attitudes that drive success. He's also responsible for flipping my game on its head… and was my boss when I coached at his summercamp. It was a blast!


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