Failure Or Mistake?

This short lesson might be a bit of a break from the usual seduction teaching, but it’s an important lesson that will make a big difference to how you approach meeting women.

Here’s what I mean.

Learning seduction means practicing your skills. Nothing earth shatteringly new there. But practicing seduction isn’t the goal, seducing women is!

Ever heard this:

“My goal is to do another 10 approaches today!”

I’ve heard that statement and many similar things from aspiring seducers more times than I can remember.

Although I think it’s great every time a guy takes action to meet amazing women, the “10 Approaches” mindset kills the chance to ever learn anything from an approach. Because if the goal is to approach women, you achieve your goal every time you go up to a new cute girl who catches your eye.

But, if the goal is seduction then you have to do more. And putting seduction skills on the line can sometimes feel like placing your balls on a train track at the start of rush-hour. In reality it’s never ever that bad, but it does mean inviting the possibility of failure.

That’s the mistake

Failing isn’t easy, but it’s a damn sight better than making the mistake of not attempting to seduce her.

You won’t learn nearly as much from 10 approaches as you will from 1 seduction.

Remember Badboy’s recent lesson, “If you don’t Risk, you cannot WIN!”

Go ahead and fail,

Ben T.

P.S. Try to avoid mistakes though (like watching the world go by without getting involved!)

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  1. I can’t believe what I’ve been reading in the numerous articles I’ve read. The answer really is right in front of me. STOP BEING SCARED. thanks.

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