The Biggest Transferable Skill

Almost nobody mentions transferable knowledge and skills in seduction. It’s not surprising, after all you’re here to get new information and learn new skills that will get you laid. Not for someone to remind you of things you already know and do.

But the knowledge you bring from one area of life to another can’t help but influence your success when it comes to women. I love shortcuts and I’m about to share with you how you can claim certain knowledge for yourself that can’t help but influence your seduction success.

It’s amazing when someone shares knowledge and understanding of a subject with you that – just by learning it – becomes part of you, you can’t switch it off. And it has a profound influence on your success.

Have you ever thought about how much you already know about women and sex?

The reason I ask is most guys (even aspiring seducers) don’t know much beyond the basics about women’s psychology, her sexuality, drives and desires.

And just knowing what most men will never know can make the biggest difference

It’s not just when you’re in the bedroom that your “sex-god” status becomes apparent. If you’re the type of man who knows how to satisfy a woman in amazing ways it comes over in seduction. Fact is: understanding women and sex gets you laid. You’re the man who “gets” women and she knows it.

Now we’re talking about masterful lover territory, and that means we’re talking about David Shade’s VIP inner circle. David Shade is THE resource for sex expertise.

Learning from David Shade you not only discover the how-tos of amazing sex but also the hidden secrets of female sexuality that only a handful of men get.

For example, in David Shade’s VIP inner circle, he not only reveals:

  • Ways to turn a woman on
  • How to leverage female thought process as part of arousal
  • Why you must avoid neediness, and what to do to avoid it
  • How obligation kills arousal and how to avoid it
  • Why guilt kills arousal and how to avoid it
  • How to leverage her innate programming to arouse her
  • How to get her motor started and keep her motor running
  • How to leverage hedonism among young women
  • How to increase her state and turn it sexual
  • How to give her a reason to have sex when she needs a reason
  • Why women need permission from you to be sexual, and how to do it
  • Playful frames to get her horny
  • How she can get slutty without her being perceived as a slut
  • Forms of teasing and how they turn her on
  • The use of sexual innuendoes to turn her on
  • The misinterpretation method to escalate her
  • How to turn her on if she's not in the mood
  • How to leverage that women are creatures of mood
  • How to say one thing and do another, and why it works
  • How to deal with the female conflicting drives and urges
  • How to create a “challenge” to arouse her

But also:

  • The specific process to create horny feelings in her
  • The importance of dominance and its various forms
  • The “you want me” frame and how it gives her permission to be sexual
  • The “out of nowhere” style of sexual escalation
  • Her emotional subconscious processes and why logic is useless
  • Linear and non-linear escalation
  • The duality of the female mind, and how to use it to arouse her
  • The importance of sexual tension, what it is, and how to create it
  • The various M.O.'s that women use before having sex

Would knowing any of that be useful in seduction not just sex? Would simply knowing it make you a better seducer, a more attractive man? You bet it would.

You can find out more about David Shade’s Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle here:

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