A Guide To Women’s Thinking For Men Who Want To Get Laid (A Lot)

by Aaron Steel

In my time I’ve written quite a bit about the female psyche and other such things. This isn’t because I was born with some kind of female intuition (i.e. an intuition about women) – no it’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to have known a ton of women from all walks of life. And at the same time I’ve been a seduction coach, so was particularly fine tuned to aspects of human behavior. Oh, and I had a curious mind too, so I’ve read around on the psychology of women.

Turns out (if you needed any convincing) that there are plenty common denominators that ALL women share which – if you understand them – you can use to gain a significant advantage in the seduction game.

Here is my guide to female thinking that will get you laid

First off, getting deep into the female mind is not an easy task. Honestly it can be pretty straightforward once you’re on the inside but the code that operates a woman’s mind is almost impenetrable for the average man. If you want an example of what I’m saying, just pick up any romance novel (which are bought by women in their millions) and within just a few pages you’ll wonder what the hell is going on. It’s like a completely different language.

Once you get an inside look at the WAY women think though, it all becomes clear. Much “A Ha!” moments abound and it can really shake up your world and your game. When you’re a guy who “gets” women a lot of seduction just becomes automatic.

Ever wondered what she’s really thinking when you approach her? Or why women are so protective of their girlfriends? Think that knowing the motives behind her behavior will give you a lift up in the seduction score. You bet.

Social expectations are one of the biggest differences

I was once laying in bed with a very cute girl, and the conversation turned to one of the many conversational trends that seem to come up with women – the future. Specifically her future and what lay in store for her. Now, if you know anything about my game style, you will know that it is not heavy on talking. But I can listen, and I know how to ask poignant questions.

Just a quick aside that the art of asking questions is one that can get you laid like a rockstar. How you do it is this – avoid any question that can be answered with one word or more specifically “a fact”. Things like “where did you grow up?” or “where did you go to school?” are no nos. You want quesitons that make her search her emotions for an answer. I will write more about questions soon, I promise.

Anyway, I was with this chick and, maybe because of my brand of seduction she opened up to me – this happens sometimes, but maybe it had nothing to do with me, women sometimes just tell you shit in the morning after sex. It’s a great moment to really understand where women are coming from, minus the usual bullshit that goes on.

So here she is telling me how she just wants to live here dream and have the kind of adventure she’s been dreaming about since she was a kid. And then she tells me she needs to do it before she is too old (she was in her early twenties – go figure) and settles down with a family.

And there you have it, an insight into the female brain. The two sides of womanhood, the domestic (settling down) and the adventure (romance and excitement). Women in a nutshell are motivated – at least sexually – by those two emotions.

What this girl said was basically (I paraphrase cos I didn’t pull out a notebook)…

I want to live a life for me, not what I’m expected to be. Not what my boyfriend wants. Not what my family want me to do or what grades I’m expected to get at college. I want to be able to have a passionate romance and not care about where it’s going…

Then she said:

But I want to know deep down that the relationship will last as long as love is there.

Ha! soppy huh! However it is quite revealing. Women want adventure and romance like out of the pages of a romance and they want security and sustainability as part of the relationship. In my experience, the security part is a small part of it. Only has to be there (or appear to be there) in long-term relationships. It’s really the problem that too many guys think that offering security is a primary motive for women. Not by a long way!

By the way, even though she mentioned a boyfriend, she was speaking by example. This chick wasn’t cheating on a boyfriend with me. I don’t know if she ever found the adventure she sought, but the fact that she sought it is enough. The dreams women have are the parts of her mind that we want to tap in order to seduce them.

And there is one lesson that is crucial to get from a revealing conversation like the one above. A conversation that probably reflects how 99% of women really feel. That lesson is…

Women Want Adventure

woman-adventure-romanceAdventure is a powerful motivator. One that men should take more advantage of than they do. Even using the phrase “it’s an adventure” has a strong effect on women. Adventure sounds appealing even to men but there is one reason that it has an even stronger effect on women when we use it.

As men we have a tendency to think of adventure as being in strange exciting places, doing strange and exciting things. We think of Indiana Jones and James Bond. Women on the other hand, think of adventure as going exciting places, doing exciting things AND ESPECIALLY doing those things with a strange and exciting man. Romance features high on a woman’s list of criteria for adventure. So next time you want a woman to hit up another bar with you, tell her you’re going on an adventure! She’ll light up.

Another reason adventure is the pull that it is to women is the polar attraction of those two powerful drives in women – women are emotionally motivated by a desire for family (the domestic) and for the romantic liaison of a lifetime (the excitement). All women want the adventure their entire lives. Let’s face it, it explains the success of the entire romantic fiction market which is a HUGE market, even if you take out the success of books like ‘50 Shades’ which is an erotically charged example of the same genre. Most women don’t get any kind of adventure, but they do get to fulfill their fantasy for family life. And most of them can choose from any number of douchebags who shower them with gifts and compliments, settle down and have a family.

But that’s only one side of her desire. And it’s the shallow end of the pool.

To most guys – good looking women are heavenly creatures to be handled with care. These same guys think these chicks lead amazing lives. That belief bubble must be burst. Truth is, most women lead pretty boring lives. Maybe no more boring than your average fella. But, there is a big difference. The stuff that naturally appeals to men is quite exciting – sports, fast cars, rock music. None of this is the exclusive domain of men, but talking stereotypes it sure is. Soaps and shopping is what women get for themselves. In short, men are a big part of women’s adventure, they RELY on us for excitement.

It’s not a mystery when you look around at the effort women put into attracting a man. Sure, a lot of the psychology suggests that the biggest influence on women in the beauty stakes is other women. But all that means is that collectively women want male attention. They want that adventure only a man can provide.

The jet is optional to give the women the adventure she desires

So, next time you see a hot girl in a bar, you know that no matter what she’s thinking in that moment, she relies on a man for her adventure. And you know that a part of her is craving your interest in her. You can use that by offering adventure. You can do it verbally by asking searching questions, you can do it sexually by revealing interest and through escalating quickly. But the most important part is that you simply fulfil this part by being a man, you don’t need to drive fast cars, travel the world or be Indiana Jones to fulfil a woman’s idea of adventure.

Aaron Steel

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