8 Important Lessons For Ongoing Success

In today’s issue, dating coach Malcolm B shares his 8 tips for ongoing seduction success.

Malcolm B is a one-off in the seduction community; he blurs the lines between natural and learned seduction skills. At his London workshop he teaches men how to internalize naturally attractive characteristics and how to express them by learning conversational and charismatic abilities.

For all the great things you can learn from a seduction coach, at a bootcamp, video course or from books, there are some things that are never in the syllabus.

No matter how life-changing learning new seduction skills can be, there are certain life lessons usually reserved for the “learn from experience” category. Here are my 8 points I’ve learned through experience for a continuous stream of successful seductions…

1) While it is important to have friends you can go out with who are into meeting women as much as you, it is essential to be able to go out alone so you don’t depend on wingmen or friends. Like in any area of life, having good people around you will give you motivation and speed up your learning curve as well as keep it fun. But practicing seduction itself only requires two people (you and a cute chick), wingmen are superfluous.

2) Escalate on every girl you are attracted to. You need to develop your sexual skills just as much as your social skills. Practice both! You may be great at flirting and attracting women, having conversations and being the life of the party but this doesn’t mean you are seducing! DO BOTH!

3) Become attractive outside your seduction life. Don’t approach to become more attractive and don’t try to be attractive through your game. Instead learn, read, study topics you enjoy, take courses, watch sports you like, sort your wardrobe, work out (if you want), hang out with friends to lift your spirits. Many options make you who you are, so you are attractive naturally.

4) Take every “set” that you like to its conclusion. Push the envelope. Propose you take her home in a minute, if you can’t then go again later. If you still can’t, go for the number. Reach for the end goal and take a step back if there is no other option. Don’t do the opposite and play safe.

5) Don’t let fear stop you. This shit can be scary, but regret is worse. Don’t be afraid of confrontation either, if she is talking to a guy or the center of a big group, just do it… you never know. But you will never know if you stand still.

6) Have the end goal in mind (Do you want thousands of women? To have your own personal harem? Meet  models? Find one amazing girl?) and take it step by step. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

7) Don’t get lazy! If you’re going after big dreams it can be natural to plateau at times. When developing a skill there will be ups and down and plateaus, but just have the end goal in mind and realize that in any skill set including seduction you are improving slowly over time. Similarly, if you are getting laid a lot don’t stop approaching! (Sounds contradictory but it happens). The key is to have the balance between approaching and closing, especially in the beginning. Do both!

8) LOVE WHAT YOU DO! Love women, love fucking, love going out, love seduction! If you don’t really love it and are doing it for a confidence boost then change your mindset otherwise this is not for you.


Malcolm B.

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