FAQs For The Uninitiated

What is the seduction community?

Alrighty then, the seduction community is a broad group who are dedicated to succeeding with women. That’s it in a nutshell. The community is a diverse brotherhood really – united under one idea: By understanding and applying seductive principles, any man can have incredible success with women… Which is true.

The Quick Summary

The seduction community is where men learn from experienced mentors in seduction, attraction, dating, sex and all related topics around women.

There's a simple reason for it really. A few years ago there was so much  misunderstanding about women, what's attractive, dating, the whole shebang. Even consistently successful men had no idea why they were so good. The rest of us were hit and miss at best!

Seduction teaching was born and with it a community. If you'd like to read more about the seduction community, take a look at the wikipedia entry here.

So, what's in it for seduction community members?

If you want to know the secret ingredients of female attraction (and how you can use them), you’re in the right place.

If you want more freedom and choice with women, you’re also in the right place.

If you'd like to learn the skills of seduction that the best seducers use, again you're in the right place.

Every day the Seduction Community breaks down seduction strategies, psychological research and insights from master seducers into simple, actionable steps that can help you improve your success with women.

Sound interesting…

Why seduction? (not dating)

Not dating tips, advice, not pickup techniques – seduction. Why seduction?

You’re part of the seduction community. It’s simple

Seduction means seducing, and that’s exactly what we do. No point in watering down our abilities by calling it dating advice. Seduction skills are so far outside the “normal” dating frame that it doesn’t even compare.

What about pickup. Some of my best friends are pickup artists, and what they do is seduce. We’re getting into semantics here but, pickup artists (the good ones anyway) seduce women. The less-good ones simply serial date or bounce around until they get a bite.

Pickup uses seduction, but seduction doesn’t require pickup. Does that make sense…

Good dating requires seduction, but seduction doesn’t require dating.

Who is Ben T.? (That's me)

I’m a normal guy who started on the seduction path 11 years ago. Here are some relevant highlights, labels and opinions: I’m a diehard seducer; a fierce critic of mainstream dating advice; I love women and teach seduction is not exclusively for picking up girls, it is compatible with any lifestyle.

I’ve taught with seduction coaches all over the world and learned a lot from unexpected places – like hypnosis and suggestion, psychology studies, seeing natural playboys and self-taught pickup artists in action, as well as learning from regular guys and the women I’ve known.

I put everything to the test; I know what works and what doesn’t.

Why Should I Listen To You?

Don’t! At least not without questioning.

Bottom line: Within this site and the sites of our partners who contribute to this site – we put it all out there. You decide. You should listen to us simply to rule out whether or not we're worth listening to, or if we do in fact have the goods.

Do you guys actually enjoy seducing women?

Does Sofia Vergara sleep on her back?

But it wasn’t always fun to meet women though. There is many a challenge in seduction, but there’s a solution for every one. And then it is fun, can even be addictive.

Is Ben T the seduction community’s head honcho?

I get this question sometimes. Because I’m the guy running this site, some guys think I might be the leader of the community. Definitions like leader and guru – and all those terms – are definitely not part of see the community!

This is how I see it…

Seduction has its thought leaders. Simple as that. Just like in any field there are those who are on the frontline. You just have to remember that the best ideas aren’t always the popular ones and the biggest names aren’t always right. Otherwise we’d never have advanced in seducing women.

No, I’m not the seduction community head honcho. I don’t think there’s any need for leaders in seduction, just good teachers.

You'll find plenty on this site.

How do I join the seduction community?

First you buy the T-shirt and take the pledge…

There’s really no initiation into the seduction community. You just start by learning and doing. And make use of the resources others have left.

A great first-step is this website – I'm biased but it does contain a boatload of seduction wisdom from those who've lived it.

Do you offer live coaching?

The short answer is no.

The slightly more wordy answer is that I don’t coach live workshops or bootcamps, I used to frequent them. These days I much prefer putting all my experience and techniques into this website. I can reach more guys that way and, frankly, can go into far more advanced stuff. I do still give occasional talks and interviews. While there are plenty awesome contributors to this site and the fact they write good stuff on here is not a direct endorsement of specific products, there are well-qualified teachers in the seduction community. And reaching out to them and finding out what they have to offer is the best way.

For those who are looking for the bootcamp experience, I did have great times on the Badboy Lifestyle summercamp. That baby was one of the best bootcamp experiences I had, and it is likely the only place I would really consider showing up to again.

How Do I Contact You?

By email. Go here to send me a message.

Where should I start?

Right here: seductioncommunity.com/

Start anywhere really. But I recommend taking a look around the site, trying the stuff that you find and checking out the sites of guys who chime with you.

If you’re serious about getting success with women, we aim to be full of real-world practical info.