The worst mistake I made with women (and what to do about it)

The biggest mistake I made in seduction wasn't a beginners error, it came later. But it resulted in many a night of me going home alone… until I flipped it on its head.

Back when I first started learning about women and seduction I was discovering new techniques all the time and frankly they amazed me.

You probably know the type of thing – opinion openers, ways to “demonstrate higher value” et cetera. They all came with explanations of “why” they worked. Looking back it's crazy the BS we fell for.

What a blissful and ignorant world I lived in.

But it did mean that I could always “rely” on my material or routines. And if they didn't work…

Well I automatically assumed it was a problem with the technique or a flaw in my delivery — definitely not ME personally.

As I learned more about seduction and got better with women I realized that my success was definitely down to me. My attitudes were the factor which would gauge my ability with women.

So, what did I do… I began to lean on conversational material that was all about revealing my attitudes to the girls I'd meet. In short I would let girls know how attractive I was (the popular DHV or “demonstration of higher value”). And it backfired big time!

That was my big mistake. Any time you try to prove that you are attractive you're simply focusing your attention in the wrong area.

Like I point out in the No Nonsense Seduction Bootcamp, seduction and attraction are two different things that compliment each other but need different approaches.

What I discovered back then is the core for successfully attracting AND seducing women.

It is this: It's techniques for seduction and attitudes for attraction.

With that simple framework you can predict precisely what seduction techniques work and what has to be in place when you use them.

Stay frosty,


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