The Three Types Of Game To Attract Women: Part 1

By Scott T.

Let me quickly tell you why I wrote this guide to the types of game that guys use to attract women. In short, when I discovered this info it helped me see seduction in a new perspective. On my journey I went from making every devastating mistake with women to great success with women to coaching others to equal success. That’s my story in a nutshell, without the song and dance. All the while I was student of human behavior and an enthusiastic tester of seduction methods.

But, until I really got what seduction was all about, I was as confused as anybody. Because of mixed ideas in seduction teaching I would jump back and forth between indirect and direct methods, social and seductive styles. And it meant my game was never as strong as it could be – I was all over the place!

When I figured out the knowledge that I’ve outlined here, a lot of the information just fell into place and my success with women skyrocketed. I hope this information has the same effect for you.

I’ve kept each part quite brief so you can read it in one sitting, and learn quickly what it took me years to figure out – where, when and how each method of seduction works. And which works best!

Let's just get into it…

So, there are three types of seduction method (Game). Before we get to the important revelations coming up, let’s just cut to the chase and name them:

  • Social Game
  • Indirect Game
  • Direct Game

Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, the names themselves shed a little light into what each of the styles involve.

Briefly, Social Game involves manipulating social dynamics to enhance your own attractiveness. Indirect Game is all about flying under the radar, building her attraction through stories and strategies WITHOUT her realizing your interest in her and thus perceiving you as a sexual threat. And Direct Game involves being up front – “Direct” – about your interest in her.

Over the next few pages we’ll explore them all.

Social Method

Often called social circle game, social status game or social network game. This method is most influenced by status theories in pop psychology. It’s about exploiting the social signals of attraction where men and women group together – think bars, clubs, parties.

Here’s the theory: Us humans (the most social animal on the planet) have complex interactions that reflect an individual’s social status. With status at the core of social method’s attraction theory, it stands to reason to exploit social cues to increase status and your own attraction.

So, how does it work? You enter a bar or a club, but before approaching any hot women you introduce yourself to people – socialize with other guys, girls, bar staff, promoters etc. Put yourself around a bit, be the social guy.

Ideally you wouldn’t even enter the venue alone. You’d go in with an entourage in tow – cute girls so much the better. The whole point of all this is to create a dynamic where your targets (the hottest women in the place) are thinking to themselves “who is that guy?”

Social method is popular for men whose approach anxiety comes not from talking to women but from putting their balls on the line with a girl they like; guys who’d rather socialize than seduce. And men who are happy to engage women if they already KNOW attraction is there.

But, if you’re in a café, a bookstore or simply minus one entourage, is there a way of meeting women that doesn’t require social status to trigger attraction?

Fortunately for us, the status that’s at the heart of social game is just an expression of a single male trait that women find highly attractive. I’ll cover the trait itself in a few pages time (after we’ve seen how the other methods trigger attraction). But what it means is you don’t need to rely on status or social proof to set her heart racing.

Of course, you can’t meet women without being (at least moderately) sociable, but you can attract the women you want without having to meet everyone else in the bar first!

Part two in this series is now published – it outlines the merits (and drawbacks) of indirect and direct game

You can read it here.

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