The Three Types Of Game Pickup Artists Use To Attract Women: Part 2

By Scott T.

You can see part 1 of the Three Types of Game here. In this second part I'm going to explore the two most common approaches to game that seducers, pickup artists (PUAs) – whatever you want to call them – use attract women. Let's start with the indirect approach…

Indirect Game

Indirect is the largest school of pickup methods. When people outside the seduction community think of “Game” they most often think of indirect game. Why? Part of its prominence is publicity (indirect has featured in books and TV shows), but it’s popular mainly because… it’s the easiest!

And the reason it’s easiest is because it’s perceived as a system where you don’t have to face rejection… ever!

The cornerstone of indirect game: You only reveal your interest when you’re sure you have attracted a girl. The way you attract her is by demonstrating your value and the way you test she’s attracted is by looking for IOIs (indicators of interest).

How does it work? First you start a normal conversation –> then you gain attraction (by revealing attractive traits conversationally) –> then you get qualification (encourage her to reveal things about herself, meanwhile you judge whether these things meet your standards) –> then you test she’s attracted to you –> you reveal your interest in her –> build comfort and ultimately make your move.

Indirect is a strategy game, defined mainly by getting a woman to qualify herself to you – she invests her interest in you.

All the while she CAN’T reject you because she has NO idea that you’re interested in her, thus she can’t classify you as a sexual threat. Only when you’re sure you’ve got her attracted do you reveal your interest in her is sexual.

There is a problem though…

The Main Problem With Indirect Game

Attraction happens through natural sexual tension that – naturally – exists between men and women. No matter how appealing you make it clear to her you are (subtly of course), the indirect approach will always lose out by navigating around sexual tension. Without sexual tension there is no seduction.

The best seducers create the perfect frame for seduction, one that makes use of the most powerful tool in our arsenal – an understanding of what she responds to. You create the frame. Take advantage of natural attraction between men and women, and set a natural frame for seduction.

And finally, there's…

Direct Game

If you have any preconceived notions about the archetype direct seducer elbowing guys out the way, manhandling women and saying “let’s fuck”, that isn’t what direct method is. Direct relies on the natural seduction process that has brought men and women together for millennia. It's the kind of game you do when you simply reveal your interest in a woman and escalate directly.

I should get it out of the way now, the debate that once rocked the seduction community about direct and indirect is largely over. Almost all guys who get into seduction now recognize that A direct seduction strategy is part of all game, even if you mostly do indirect or social gaming – direct is something you have to do at some point with ANY woman.

Direct is sometimes said to be more of an attitude than a strategy, but there are plenty of direct seduction strategies to put an end to that myth. Though direct is also often an identity that you can embody more than indirect which is almost exclusively a series of strategies.

Truth is though, seduction always occurs on a direct basis. Direct was there at the beginning of our ancestors mating rituals, it’s there at the end of a Friday night out. If you’re doing seduction you’re being direct.

Going Direct

Embodiment of direct doesn’t mean being crude. It can though mean using sexual language, but the main way is to unapologetically reveal your interest in a woman, escalate it (with hand holding for example), be persistent (without pressuring) – this is where the subtleties of language come in handy – and lead the seduction to the bedroom. Sounds simple when I lay it out like that. And it is, relatively speaking, the simplest method of seduction. One thing that a lot of guys don't get until they've tried this approach is that when you approach direct it encompasses characteristics you already possess. Being direct is natural. And you don't have to be an arrogant jerk, you can be humble and direct. In fact, that's a dynamite combination.

If you’re looking for a woman to qualify herself to you, you’ll also find it in this style. Not because you maneuver her to doing so or create an artificial social dynamic but because she’s attracted by the characteristics you display.

How it works. Like I’ve said in the past, direct is not about the opener, but the opening is a great way to set the frame. So let’s say you open with “Hi, you look super sexy, I wanted to come say hi”.

By embodying the characteristics and behaviours in direct method you gain the attraction benefits of social game without needing to manipulate social cues to gain status. Your focus is not on your place in the pecking order or how attracted she is to you.

I’ve heard it said that direct is a high risk/high reward method. I don't think that's true. If you look to get attraction by indirect or social methods alone, you’re missing that revealing your interest in a woman is a fundamental trigger of female attraction. To me it's not a risk to reveal interest in a chick (the sooner the better), it's an essential ingredient for attracting women.

All right then, that's my lesson on the three different types of game there are to get women. If there is one takeaway I got from going though all three over the years it is that there is a place for them all, as long as a direct undercurrent of sexual tension is present then there are great strategies in all.

There is though something that unites all three methods. And that thing is directly related to attracting women versus seducing them. It's a common denominator in success with women no matter which method of game is your particular ninja style.

You can read about it in part three of this series…

Check it out here.

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