The Three Types Of Game: Part 3

By Scott T.

I thought I'd finish off this guide to the three types of game by showing you the common denominator in all these different methods of seduction. This gives you more control over which type to use and when, but it also makes the common problem with different methods stick out (more on that in a second).

And, I'm going to give you a simple techniques I use all the time to guarantee you make the right seduction moves at the right time, and not fall into the social trap.

When you know this stuff, you have the added advantage of being able to directly influence women's emotions rather than just showing up as the “attractive guy”.

You'll see what I mean in a moment…

First: If you haven't yet read the earlier articles on the three types of game – Part 1 of this series can be found here. And you can read part 2 here.

OK, so let's bring it all together.

The Three Types Of Game: Focus On Attraction

You may have noticed by now all the methods are defined by their focus on different ways of creating attraction in women.

Social game does it by manipulating social status, indirect does it by getting her to “qualify” herself to you (in her mind she's saying “I must be attracted to him, I’m working to get his validation”). And direct does it by harnessing her natural ingrained attraction mechanisms for a confident, sexual man.

Most bar and club pickup techniques fall into the social or indirect categories; most everyday workplace or social network seduction (like college) is usually mostly indirect and social too. Social and indirect methods can be powerful. However the vast majority of the most powerful seduction strategies fall into the direct category. There are a few reasons for this, here are two big ones:

  1. It's not what most men do.
  2. Direct is about specifically influencing a woman's emotions through communication.

All three methods, of course, increase attraction. If you know when to use all three then socially people gravitate to you, women qualify themselves to you, because of WHO you are and HOW you make them feel.

Why It Is Best NOT To Focus On Getting Attraction

Think about this for a moment. Because it’s completely logical to go after attraction. I’m not saying anything controversial if I say that attraction is CRUCIAL for seducing women. It’s absolutely essential.


A focus on creating attraction means you are in the place of trying to prove yourself worthy to her.

That's why we're the seduction community NOT the social community. I know it's been said plenty of times, but every time you find yourself talking to a cute girl and you're being more social than seductive remind yourself that – as a seduction alumni – it's your duty to seduce her:)

When you meet a woman being social and indirect can lay the foundation for attraction. But by staying with an indirect or social style you’re compromising your attractive qualities when seduction is called for. It is why I say that powerful seduction skills fall into the direct category. Not only that but you also gain major social benefits (amongst women anyway) by having developed seduction skills – your social stock increases as women just want to be around you because of how you can make them feel. Plus you can just get down to seductive conversation, which is where the fun is at.

Now, here's the technique I promised you. It is a trick I use to make sure I'm always seducing rather than just being social…

I like to imagine when I'm talking to a woman that she answered an ad to meet a man who can give her goosebumps. I leave all the other chumps to “prove themselves” to women, I buy into the belief that if a woman is talking to me then she wants the full seductive treatment not just normal social vibe.

With this simple strategy you’ll never find yourself focussing on “getting” attraction.

Trust me, this little frame-flip works like gang-busters.

To close here's a quick summary of my kind-of mixed martial style to seduction that combines all three types of game. Before you meet a girl be super-social, when you meet her (if it's your style) do a little indirect to amp attraction. But, most of all, use your seduction repertoire to its fullest as soon as you are into a one-on-one with a girl.



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