The Greatest, Most Badass, Bestest Opener Of All Time!

All you’ll ever need.

“Hi, I wanted to meet you. My name’s Ben (or Banjo or Calvin or whatever)”

It says it all.



Any questions?

I'll answer one question ahead of time – most guys over-think the opener. I heard this one taught by 60 Years of Challenge, Badboy (from Badboy Lifestyle), Carson from Natural Badassery, Alik Andersson, Jack Rakes, Shark and other top seducers.

The best players, PUAs and seduction coaches use this opener. I do too:) Now I have no excuse and just go for it.

P.S. While the first few posts on the site are obviously from me, don't think that's all it's gonna be. I got some good (scratch that – great!) content being submitted from the biggest guys in the biz.

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  1. Haha, I love it. Glad to see someone dismissing opening theories for the useless over-analytical, unnecessary stuff it is.
    I usually just say “Hey, you looked cute so thought I’d come say hi”. It’s just a conversation starter after all.

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