Self-imposed Speed Bumps

I'm all about the changes that ensure the biggest advances.

Not whether the changes are big or small (shouts versus whispers!)

But the impact of changing something… no matter how big or small.

And sometimes taking care of tiny, seemingly insignificant obstacles makes all the difference.

You see, turning her attraction into passion works better with a touch of planning.

Not mapping the seduction out, but planning for the speed bumps that can interrupt the flow of all them good times.

Some come with experience, but plenty of interruptions are self-inflicted and very easy to resolve.

Speed bumps like:

  • Letting the end of the night (instead of biological drives, and your ability to use them) dictate when you take her home.
  • Breaking rapport (cos you think you have to work attraction).
  • Having a set time or phase for attraction, comfort then seduction (different from having a plan, which is a must).
  • Not having a plan!
  • Not having condoms.

When you expect success, you plan accordingly.

Legendary seduction coach Badboy (who gave me my first break teaching this stuff) taught me that.

Those are the logistics of seduction. Logistics might be a somewhat OTT name for what is essentially a way of saying “know what can happen and plan accordingly”.

Planning involves knowing taxi numbers, cafe locations (for an instant coffee date), having a bottle of wine at home, contraception. Get the idea…

Start expecting success,


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