How much fun can you have picking up chicks?

There's a small mindset shift that can go a helluva long way.

It'll resonate with anyone who's been through his fair share of dates. That mindset is…

Enjoying yourself!

Having fun with this stuff is so important.

Not just for kicks…

For Attraction!

That's right, attraction is influenced by fun. And seduction is (…should be) an enjoyable experience.

You can't train someone to have fun. But…

If you're not having fun meeting women then you're with the wrong chick my friend.


Cos you can't be bored with an interesting, sexy, fun, girl.

And if you are bored, you aint with a girl like that.

If you're bored, it's unlikely your attraction is communicated.

If you're not attracted, she won't be attracted.

And she'll bail… or you should.

Seduction is mostly verbal communication, and way too many guys are frightened of saying something controversial, sexual or outside-the-box for fear of the girl just walking.

But controversy doesn't cause her to lose interest. Boring does!

By the by, I know it isn't ALL fun and games.

95 per cent of it is though…

And there are ways to deal with the nerveracking rest of it.

Plenty of controversial, sexual and out-the-box fun stuff coming up over the next few weeks.


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