Indicators Of Interest That Count: A List Of 1

I know guys who are exceptional at spotting indicators of interest – she played with her hair, her eye contact held a beat longer, her pupils were as big as flying saucers, did you see those subtle shifts in her body!! And you know what? It doesn’t make them any more successful with women.

I’ll be fair though and say some of those guys are great with women, some I’ve come across aren’t. In other words, the ability to notice when she’s interested is not a reliable indicator of a guy who’s good with women. I’ll go even further; recognizing indicators of interests is a relatively useless skill to have if your goal is seducing women. And, I’ll go just a little further and say looking for signs of attraction is the wrong focus to have. Ever heard this from guys: “She was totally into me!”

Did you ever ask them: “So what did you do about it?” Huh… oh I, eh…

If you’re looking for it and not doing anything, it can even make you worse. So, I have a little list of indicators of interest I look for.

A very short list of indicators of interest that count

My list contains just 1 indicator and it’s pretty fool proof. You can use it right away, as long as you promise to do something with this new found ability to tell if a girl is interested in you.

Here goes, ask yourself this question:

Does she know you’re attracted to her? (i.e. did you let her know?)

If so:

Does she stick around?

If she does there’s a good chance she likes you.

Now go seduce someone,

Ben T.

PS It’s backward to think that you make your move WHEN you get a clear indication that she’s interested. It’s attractive when you let her know you like her.

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