In Your Comfort Zone

Did you ever hear about the seduction coach who said most of your time with a woman will be spent making her feel comfortable enough to go home with you. He actually called it “the comfort phase”. Thankfully, the seduction community successfully torpedoes sloppy ideas like that as more and more guys have success doing the exact opposite! (More on this in a moment)

Women, the smart and sexy ones at least, have you figured out way before the “comfort phase”! But we can use that to our advantage. It’s why we always let a woman know we’re attracted as early as possible – a guy who’s direct is hugely attractive.

OK, a big part of this concerns comfort, but not hers, yours. Seduction involves being comfortable with sexual tension. When you’re comfortable with sexual tension, that’s when seduction really happens – you can use sexual metaphors, stories and other conversational frames. It includes touch, eye contact and making bold moves.

It’s the natural way, and the more you do it the more comfortable you’ll become with it. But, if you’re new to it and want a little sexual tension 101, start with holding eye contact and use the occasional sly, cheeky grin.

I’m flabbergasted at the number of guys who say they are seducing a woman when they tiptoe around her presence, more fearful of being rejected than anything. The paradox is that by being direct (honest, even modest), her level of attraction for you will rocket. You’ll be LESS likely to be rejected adopting this attitude than constantly gauging how comfortable she is.

Remember, sexual tension is your friend.

Ben T.

P.S. Nobody teaches sexual tension better than 60 Years of Challenge. The reasons why you should make friends with it, how it works and importantly how to use it.

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