How To Have Sexual Fearlessness With Women

By Malcolm B.

SEXUAL FEARLESSNESS is right up at the top of my list of criteria that determines success with women. You can see it in venues all the time…

Every man who dresses up nice and goes out clubbing has that one goal in mind – to get laid (except are those who are in a devoted relationship, but still). It is therefore important not to lose track of the sexual side of your intentions.

Yes we go out to have fun, drink, party, make out with girls and generally have an awesome time, but the most fun (for a lot of guys) is done with the thought in mind ‘”I’m here to meet, attract and sleep with a beautiful woman”’. The difference is that, while most guys think it, very few are honest and upfront about their sexual intentions.

Which is a shame because being able to be fearlessly sexual is a highly desirable attractive trait to women.

With the sexual fearlessness mindset you will not sacrifice meeting a beautiful woman at the bar by being a pussy and going and getting a drink first. The strategy I'm laying out here is all about developing you sense of sexual freedom

You might have figured that this strategy is most apt in bars and clubs, which is true the way I describe it here. There's usually more flexibility to be overtly sexual in clubs, however it also works in other situations, just a little more subtlety and calibration is required. Even if your main gaming environment is during the day, you can give this stuff a shot to develop sexual fearlessness and see how that feeds back into your overall game.

Right let's get started with approaching. APPROACH QUICKLY… get over your fear of social interactions for the night. Just open girls fast. And escalate quickly.

ESCALATING Is Built On Sexual Fearlessness

Next make sure that you escalate with the first one that hooks. Take it as far as you can go till she blows you out (or doesn’t and you get laid). After your physical rejection you will be much more sexual for the rest of the night and more sexually fluid and fearless in the rest of your interaction.

All you have to do now is keep approaching with that strong sexual frame and momentum you have obtained until you find the one that hooks. This usually takes me about 5-6 girls till I find a girl I’m ready to go home with ;). Find out how many it takes you and get more efficient each time.

Another thing is with this style you will feel different… you will feel like a sexual stud, a man, fearless. You are not approaching to make friends, to have a good reaction or to go on dates… you are approaching because you are a sexually direct man on a mission.

Girls will get nervous, feel super strong tension, and giggle etc… sometimes they will throw more tests your way – these tests are easily diffused by staying unapologetically sexual. That, after all, is why she's testing, to make sure you are congruent with a direct and confident man. Carson Kyle from Natural Badassery has a simple rule for dealing with tests which applies here, it is “don't change your frame” because tests are ALWAYS looking to see if you will change. It is automatic not to change if you have a strong frame, which you will have if you follow these steps to build sexual freedom.

Normally you are the only man in the club approaching like this. You are different, you are fearless and when you do get rejected… these girls are just not ready. You are! You feel powerful, you know what you want and rejection is a joke. You are the man with a super strong sexual frame. Girls will feel this. So be sexually fearless, escalate, get close… be fucking intense! And it works like crazy! But first, be sexually fearless! And embrace your sexuality!



There is a common trend in many of the guys coming up in the game which I have noticed. Many are afraid of clubs and instead gather in groups to go out and do day game. Don’t get me wrong… day game is beautiful, there is enormous variety, many options, opportunities for instant dates, bounce backs, phone numbers, meeting potential girlfriends and loads more.

Day game will get you over your approach anxiety for everyday life, will develop your wit, spontaneity and conversation skills and chick’s bitch shields are usually lower. So keep it up! But don’t dismiss going to bars and clubs with the excuse “I prefer day game” OR “I hate clubs”.

It might not be true of many of you but there is a trap some daygame only guys fall into. These daygame only guys approach women only during the day is for a confidence boost… they feel they are doing something out of the ordinary. They feel special approaching women in what is considered an out of the norm environment. The truth is some are just afraid of clubs. Get over this fear and you will reap the benefits! I have mentioned the benefits of day game now I will discuss the advantages of club game!

Clubs will thicken your skin… it’s more of a battlefield. Firstly her shield is up high, there is more competition… sometimes better looking (or better groomed) naturals, there are so many beautiful women dressed up looking fucking sexy, there is loud music, alcohol, bouncers, rich guys, bitchy friends, VIPs. Need I go on, it's a tougher environment. Seduction can be just as easy as ever if you're good at it, but there are often barriers to overcome.

You are thinking why fucking bother when I can go out on the street and not have any of this bullshit and meet women. Well honestly there are several essential reasons. Firstly night- time environments will toughen you up mentally. You have to be much more imposing because of all these obstacles and you will develop a much more powerful frame. Rejections will be more frequent, your girl who appeared ‘interested’ may suddenly (fuelled with drink) be more interested in dancing, her friends will cock block you too. So, yes your ego will be shattered! But if you push you will come out having much more confidence, more imposing, much stronger frame and eventually you will learn how to use all these obstacles to actually help you get laid if you practice consistently.

It will take time and effort in the beginning but eventually this will all be funny (you will laugh at it) and you will be getting laid like a rockstar. Clubs will not only toughen you up’ they will teach you to be more sexual quickly, how to escalate, how to deal better with logistics, and you will fuck much more frequently. The advantage of clubs over day is that sex is easier, and your escalation skill and sexual presence will develop much more. Hit the clubs. It is a different world to daygame. Feeling horny and fancy quick lay? Go to the bar or club and pull a girl home quick or shag her in the toilet or her car? Hmmm practice and this will be like second nature. Screw masturbation… just go to the bar round the corner. I’m not saying this can’t be done in the day time, it can but in my experience it will take longer, you might have to go for a date… much slower process.

Malcolm B.

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