How To Approach Women The Right Way

By Ben T.

Women want to have sex! Do you know how many guys approach women without really believing that. And it’s hugely important because natural sexual desire is at the heart of seduction. It (sexual chemistry) is what all guys who are good with women tap into. Sexual desire is a normal part of human life, it’s completely naturally occurring… and we can use it right from the very moment we meet or approach a woman!

Occasionally guys think that means marching up to a woman and propositioning her. That’s far from the truth.

Sexual chemistry is what you and the beautiful woman you’re with feel when you lock eyes, what drives you into passionate sex and what warms you when you snuggle under a blanket watching a movie, aww!

Sometimes when you listen to a seduction goo-roo, you can have a hard time believing that meeting women is about natural sexual attraction when the process is broken up into complex strategies. The goo-roo’s natural left-brained analytical mind takes over, making the whole thing more complicated than it needs to be, sometimes with additional irrelevant steps to accomplish.

But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand and get success with seduction.

So, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of approach angles and pickup lines…

What does an approach that uses direct natural attraction look like?

An approach is designed to do one thing only, get a conversation going. But it’s not just any conversation. You’re not interested in the weather, in the price of tea or the inner workings of the jet engine, you’re interested in her.

By making that clear, you take a big leap to the head of the attraction queue. Way out in front of the guys without the confidence to reveal their interest, ahead of the pickup artists who run routines to demonstrate value before revealing they like her, and way way ahead of the winers and diners trying to buy a girl’s affection.


But you have to be prepared to meet some women who aren’t interested in you. This can be hard for a lot of guys. But just remember, it’s not about you. If she rejects you straight off the bat, she doesn’t know you. There are a hundred reasons unique to her, so drop the ego and assumption it’s you.

There are two ways to let her know you are interested in her, verbally and non-verbally. Verbally is easier to explain and do, that’s why I do it every time. I say “Hi, I wanted to meet you” or “you’re cute/sexy/hot (delete as appropriate)” or a variation of the above.

Non-verbally means holding eye contact or taking her hand. Chris Andersen (aka 60 Years of Challenge) introduced me to the sheer power of using hand caressing, so much so that I’ve never needed to go for a kiss since, it just happens naturally. And, I’m all for natural seduction!

There are two reasons I no longer approach women with the indirect approaches (asking opinions, making a social comment etc.) that used to be my way.

  1. The above approach embodies so much more of what makes a man attractive in your first few words. And, once you get used to the inevitable adrenaline rush the first few times, it feels completely natural too. It’s the way a man should be.
  2. It hands down beats any guy who tries an indirect approach. More than once a fella has approached a woman I’m talking to with an opinion opener or a social comment, only to get immediately shot down. Why? Because sexual chemistry, even if subtle (as it is at the start of a conversation), feels good to her. Why give up the good stuff!

Now go seduce someone,

Ben T.

P.S. If you want to learn how to use natural sexual tension from approaching right through the rest of the seduction process with devastating results (including the hand caressing technique), I highly recommend 60 Years Of Challenge’s complete 4 book course. I’ve said before he’s the smartest guy in seduction, just check out the testimonials at the bottom of the page, I agree with every single one!

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