Do you play games?

Games are not for seduction, they just help.

When I first started learning seduction I devoured every trick and tool that would get me five minutes with a woman. I learned games like The Cube, kokology, handwriting analysis, and palm reading. <- Somebody later coined the collective term “chick crack” for these things, meaning that women can’t get enough of these little gimmicks.

But when the man grows up he puts away childish things. So, as I got better at seduction, I left these games behind. I likened them to training wheels that get seductions moving, things that you don’t need to meet women. I was right, you definitely don’t need them but…

A few years later I was working with a seduction coach who loved using these gimmicks. He reintroduced me to using palm reading and the cube with devastating results. So I brought them back into my game and immediately saw the benefit. I realised that I’d needlessly dismissed them and they have a perfect role to play in tandem with seduction.

There’s a point to remember though, they only work in seduction if you are upfront about being attracted to her. In other words every time I’d take a girl’s hand to read her palm she’d know what I was doing, I’d know what I was doing, we’d both know! We could enjoy the seductive vibe through the game.

Sure they can be cheesy, recognize they are not seductive skills themselves just fun gimmicks that are vehicles for great seduction skills.

So, if you haven’t already, I recommend you invest a little time (like 5 minutes) learning a few of these things. You don’t have to believe that palm reading, graphology (handwriting analysis) or any of the kooky fortune telling questions games actually offer accurate predictions – I don’t – just have fun with them.

Now go seduce someone,


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