Do You Know The 3 Types Of Game?

We’ve got a seduction community report coming out. It reveals the advantages (and rarely discussed disadvantages) of the three different types of seduction method.

I’ll send you the complete report next week. In the meantime, I won’t leave you hanging, here’s what those three styles are.

From the introduction to ‘The Three Types Of Game’:

Before we get to the important (maybe surprising) revelations coming up, let’s just cut to the chase and name them:

  • Social Game
  • Indirect Game
  • Direct Game

Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, the names themselves shed a little light into what each of the styles involve.

Briefly, Social Game involves manipulating social dynamics to enhance your own attractiveness. Indirect Game is all about flying under the radar, building her attraction through stories and strategies WITHOUT her realizing your interest in her and thus perceiving you as a threat. And Direct Game involves being up front – “Direct” – about your interest in her.

We’ll explore them more in the next issue.

BTW – One of the foundations for success with women is understanding exactly how seduction works. An obvious point I know, but this teaching really helps you “get” it.

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