Beware Attraction “Steps”

Noticed something in those models of seduction that float around the seductionisphere. The ones with steps and stages for attraction, comfort, seduction et cetera.

Now, they all seem unnaturally rigid, as well as overly complicated – which may have more to do with my low attention span.

But mostly I find them amusing.

Especially how anyone can follow them to the letter.

I once had a student show me his 30 points for pickup (or something like that) he had on his phone for easy access. That's right… when with a girl he would check to see he was in the right “phase”.

I hope I helped him knock that particular habit out of his head, but alas I fear there is something reassuring about a rigid structure.

Now, I've never been one to ever artificially hammer in social proof, comfort or personal value in a specific order because the latest seduction psychobabble buzz says that's how you get girls.

But, having a plan is great, knowing principles you can rely on is top notch. It's just counter-productive, even destructive, to stick to a prefabricated path.

And, the reason why is this…

Seduction has it's rules but they're not linear, they're fluid.

Knowing what you're doing in the moment and where you're headed is more than enough for a model.

In fact there IS a pretty good structure. In my (biased) opinion it's the only one worth following. The one I came up with:

  • Meet
  • Seduce (attraction comes through seduction by the things you do)
  • Sex

It might seem mighty audacious to suggest such a simple model, I'll grant you. But by dropping an artificial dependency on a linear model, you open up to all the possibilities in the moment.



It's also dead-on accurate… And I stick to it every time.

Sure, there's more to it. Languageescalatingleading and more are all knee-tremblingly effective components of seduction … but there are no more complicated steps in the Direct Natural Attraction model I learned recently.

Guaranteed step free.


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