Attract More Women By Doing Less

Attracting more women and doing less might seem like a bit of a contradiction, especially because you probably know how much I hate any “play hard to get” pickup advice.

Playing hard to get is the standard do less and let her come to you advice.

And it's bullcrap of the highest order!

This truly is one of the biggest inconsistencies with most mainstream dating coaching.

A lot of these companies send guys out into the world with a “be the prize” mentality…

…And at the same time armed with a dozen openers, stacks of routines, a load of attraction amplifying stories and psychobabble to make your eyes water. Every single routines designed to “work” for her affection.

If you've read the No Nonsense Seduction Bootcamp then you'll know that routines have a specific place in seduction but they're not a substitute for attraction.

Most importantly attraction can be achieved fast without the use of routines or tactics. Which means it's not as complicated as the pickup artist companies would have you believe.

This is the ONE reason I've seen men turn around their success with women fast. I've seen it “click” in one night for many guys (although it can take a few weeks to become naturally ingrained).

It's great to build your seduction skills, and I highly recommend you do (I'll be sharing a few select techniques in a few days). But most important is to enhance your attractiveness by dropping the attraction routines. And thus stop working to attract her.

If you want a refresher on some skills of seduction which doesn't involve any “attraction material”, you'll find it in the 7 Keys section at the end of the No Nonsense Seduction Bootcamp.

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