Another Myth Shattered

Lets quickly deal with a widely held seduction belief that’s relevant to the way a lot of us approach meeting new women.

It’s about time…

Almost all methods talk about time for building comfort and trust, and I know why they do. Two reasons:

  1. All seductions get more and more likely as they progress.
  2. They assume that a woman’s objections are because she isn’t yet comfortable enough to go home with you.

Both these things make sense but neither happens because of a lack of comfort or trust.

Let me explain.

We rightly attribute women with the ability to decide whether they are attracted to us or not within seconds (minutes at most).  But at the same time this myth was spread that women can’t decide if we’re a threat or not until they’ve spent time (hours with us). Well this simply isn’t true.

Whether or not trusting a guy is a real issue with women (I believe it is), in my experience women are adept enough at gauging a potential partner quickly enough that spending time building comfort is unnecessary.

In a nutshell, comfort is about how safe and relaxed she feels with you and a direct attitude to seduction achieves this fast.

You are a guy who’d like to fuck her, right? And a guy who wouldn’t fuck her over.

If your strategy involves specifically aiming for comfort and connection, then your focus is misplaced. Comfort, connection and trust can be seen as parts of attraction. Like I hammer home quite often, you DON’T DO attraction, you DO seduction.

Comfort and connection happen naturally when you connect not on the time you spend but the emotions you share. Using seduction skills mixed with a woman’s natural intuition ensure this a quick process (women’s intuition might be a myth too, but the girls I’ve known can certainly pick up on emotions and vibe pretty quickly).

So, if you can take the comfort granted, it opens up a whole range of possibilities for things you can do to actually seduce a woman.

Seduction takes as long as it has to. If anyone tries to tell you that time is a constant consideration in seduction, you can ask to get off at that stop. He’ll still be building up those reserves of comfort and connection through “quality time” long after your home with your girl

…and his girl is wondering what’s taking him so long.


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