521 women

521 notches on your bedpost is the amount you would have if you had sex with a new woman every week for 10 years.

A lot of lays, but would you want to get 521 women?

It’s a perfectly achievable number when we look at it like that.

That number would put you in a category with only a tiny handful of men who’d reached the half mille of sexual partners. And I’d guess some guys would see it as the ultimate fantasy, while many would think it’s overkill and the remaining few won’t see beyond their one ideal woman.

But none of us want to think about not being ABLE to get all those 521 women, or even more if the truth be told.

So why is there this feeling that we must GET every woman?

The paradox in seduction is the guys who are by far the best with women don’t try to, don’t want to and don’t get every woman.

When I first got into seduction – and for a good while beyond – I thought it was possible to get every woman. In fact that was probably my goal, so scared was I of rejection. After a while I reduced my expectations to being attractive to every woman. After all I knew what was attractive so I only had to project that character to achieve that goal. But that wasn’t even the truth.

Even if you’re attractive to them all you can’t get every hot woman.

Sure you can be an attractive man but, as women are more likely to be attracted to us for who we are rather than how we look, “tastes” are going to vary. Men like a hot woman regardless (although some have merits over others, a hot woman is fuckable period). But women are different. Simply put, male traits (even our most attractive ones) can be fairly different from guy to guy. This means that to us all hot women are hot, but all attractive men aren’t equal in a woman’s eyes.

And that’s not the only reason, not even the main reason you will never get every woman.

The main reason you won’t get every woman… wait for it! The main reason is:

Shit happens!

What I mean is that there are things that are just largely out of your control. We’re talking about interfering girlfriends, lost numbers, bad timing, other relationships, travel, commitments, family. The list is long and occasionally something gets in the way. If you’re studying seduction it’s not as often as you might think, just often enough that you won’t get em all.

This might seem like a pretty damning article about all the failures a man can expect on his seduction journey but it’s not a negative at all. Although you won’t find 100 per cent of women are into you, you won’t attract all available women, you will meet, attract and seduce a lot (if that’s what you want) of amazing women.

None of this is to detract from seduction skills and understanding. By discovering how attraction works and adding to your arsenal of seduction methods, your seduction expertise can be used to drop the “failure” rates to pretty insignificant levels, leaving a trail of wet, wanting and pretty steamed up women in your wake.

But the real trick is what you do when it doesn’t work out. Because a guy who’s wrapped up in the fantasy of “get every woman” will fall hard when it doesn’t happen. And a successful seducer doesn’t even break stride.

To your success

Ben T.

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